Achieving gender equality in the workplace is about far more than ticking boxes, it’s about improving business performance — with some very authorative and shocking statistics to prove it. Improving gender equality in your business is an incredibly effective way to see an upturn in return on investment and profit margins. Our initial presentation will demonstrate to your decision makers just how transformational effective measures to improve gender equality can be in raising the bottom line.

Our unique approach is not to focus on women in the workplace but to work with all members of your business because gender equality can only truly be improved if the whole workforce, men and women work as a unified team to achieve it. It’s not only possible, it’s vital for your business.

Our three day workshop will cover issues such as why gender equality improves performance; barriers to women in the workplace; effective strategies for improving gender relations. Our goal is not simply to have everyone attend, but to change mindsets and banish damaging stereotypes for good.

  • 3 day programme