Whether you’re a business leader or a rising star, Over The Edge Coaching goes beyond performance enhancement. Through our approach of envisioning your ultimate goals, formulating a workable plan and taking each next step towards it, we achieve truly life transforming results. Prepare to take a deep breath and jump into the life you truly wish to lead.

Our approach will begin with ring-fencing undistracted, gadget free sessions where I will create a confidential and calm environment for you to be truly honest, with both yourself and me as your coach. From here I use varied techniques, including altered perspectives, various other NLP exercises and simple, intuitive conversation to help you establish clear goals. We’ll use techniques to firmly and clearly establish those goals in your mindset. Then we will work through genuinely useful and practical tools and project planning methods that will take you step, by steady step towards meeting your measurable achievements.

  • One hour taster sessions are available from £125
  • 6 month and 12 month packages