Our story


Kelly and Martin have joined hands to become a formidable force.

Martin is his most ‘happiest and effective’ when working with people and teams. Seeing incredible transformational results, achieved with his ‘No BS’ approach to development coaching! He focuses on removing limitations, changing patterns and initiating goal directed actions, so you and your teams can achieve anything you desire in life or business.

Kelly works with businesses on their internal strategies and growth, covering such areas as business planning, setting appropriate goals/KPI’s, the importance of and the correct implementation of a strong brand aligned with a robust marketing approach. Having the correct mindset in business is an area she’s very passionate about, she’ll remove what holds you back. Her approach is ACTION… no excuses!

With over 50 years of combined business experience, Martin and Kelly complement each other as a very effective and formidable team. Covering all areas of business, ranging from startup, to achieving success, to failure and how to start all over again. There’s little they’ve not personally experienced and cannot address and also bring a positive outcome to.

Their vision is to build a strong community with global reach. Their webinars, courses, development coaching and community groups will be available on-line.

In their immediate locality, they’ll be making an impact with collaborative business community events, as well as their series of Master Class Events.

There WILL be LIMITED spaces. Venues are booked and dates will be announced very soon. If you’d like to go onto a waiting list for any of these events – please message them directly via the contact page. They’ll be starting during October 2019.

They’re ready, are you?

Find out what they can do for you