We are Over The Edge

Over The Edge was first created in 2017 by Martin.

In September 2018 Kelly and Martin met and soon realised they’d make a formidable team by bringing together their respective skill sets to create a very unique offering.

Martin’s an NLP practitioner, he’s been coaching for a number of years. He’s run and owned various businesses. He’s succeeded. He’s failed. His lessons are embedded within his coaching so others benefit and take them forward!

He intimately understands the rollercoaster ride that’s Entrepreneurship, & how the correct mindset is essential to navigate the landscape!

He cuts out the ‘fluff’, he asks the questions most avoid. He’s developed a toolkit to pass on to others, so they can build life on their terms! His methodology creates the transformation that so many seek!

People are always at the heart of his work, improve the person and work out from there, this approach creates extraordinary results!

Kelly was an estate agent for over 24 years, had her own agency for 12 years in total. She innovated, she shook things up, never afraid to challenge the norms!

In February 2019 her business closed. It wasn’t pretty. The demise of the business left her utterly broken, many clients, staff and long-term investors were affected. For this she is truly sorry and has publicly stated that she is working her way back, so she can be in a place whereby she can look at rectifying many matters associated with the closure.

Kelly is focused on strategy, marketing, brand awareness, amongst many other skills she’s developed from many years ‘in the trenches’.

Due to her unique skill set, her ability to adapt, to innovate, to stand tall when many may falter, to come back stronger from any adversity, she is increasingly being referred to as ‘The Resilience and Growth Leader’

Their skill sets work perfectly together, that’s why they decided to work on building the business that is Over The Edge into the model that you’re seeing today!

  • They remove the BS from personal and business development!
  • They give you practical, actionable & profitable advice!
  • They share over 50 combined years of business experience!

The good and the bad, the ‘stuff’ that most don’t talk about, the ‘stuff’ that YOU need to know to navigate the rollercoaster ride that is entrepreneurship!

Conceiving, building and continually developing your thing on your terms is hard, really hard, BUT with the right help, support and accountability, your achievements can be #extraordinary

Get in touch, find out what they can do for you