Welcome to Over The Edge Coaching.

My name is Martin Miller and I am a business coach.  I work with individuals, leaders, teams and those who like my holistic approach and style of coaching. I help them to realise their potential, professionally and personally.  People are always at the heart of the work I do. If you find out what’s best for you, your leaders and your teams, the rest will usually take care of itself.  In business, if you look after the people, the profit will come, it’s a shame that most have it the other way around.


I have a very intuitive approach with my work, it involves very direct honest questions and conversations.  If you’re not ready for this approach, then now may not be the right time for us to work together.  However, if you’re ready to transform your life, your business, your career,  then let’s get together and start a conversation towards your next step.  Let’s get you Over the Edge!