"If you're looking for a coach that actually makes a difference, then look no further.

We've worked with Martin for the past 8 months now, and after experiencing various types of coaching from different personalities, Martin was the coach for us. Totally prepared to get his hands dirty. We weren't given age old, stale, stereotypical advice from a distance, but rather relevant, fluid coaching based on 'in the moment experiences' with everyone in the company.

Martin hosted some of the most uncomfortable and desperately needed conversations. His open and personal approach somehow makes these conversations easier to have - often bluntly with a 'no BS' approach, but never leaving you on the floor.

The picture that Martin walked into 8 months ago is so unbelievably different to what it is now, anyone that knew us as a team then wouldn't recognise it now. We would attribute this to Martin's constant effort to getting the team aligned and shooting in the right direction and honing the skills of the individuals that remain."

- By WPS Westward -

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"We've worked with Kelly on a number of projects and can highly recommend her as an organised leader, who is target focussed and goal driven.

She is an effective communicator and listener who understands her client’s needs and will smoothly translate them into deliverable results. Add to that her wealth of experience from running companies and organising events to her public speaking engagements, means that any client of hers will be in very safe hands to take their business forward."

- By Promotional Gift Finder -

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"If there's an edge you want to move towards and you're a bit nervous about it, or perhaps daunted by the scale or even excitement of it all - I highly recommend working with Martin. He's a superb listener and I benefited hugely from his compassion and his full, consistent attention and his sense of humour - which is somewhere between cheeky and irreverent!

His session notes were accurate and thorough and really helpful for reflection. He also listened when there were parts of his suggestions I chose not to follow. Massive action followed from sessions with Martin and I found myself saying "I don't know what I'm scared of next, but I want you to help me run towards it!"

He did, and it worked. I've learned a lot!

- By Adam Pearson -

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"How would I sum up Kelly Forrester - passionate, determined, hard working, resilient, kind, caring, tenacious, positive, generous. For those of us who know or who have worked with Kelly over the years, you will recognise all of these attributes in this lady.

She never shies away from getting stuck in to any task, project or business opportunity. Kelly will work tirelessly in anything that she is involved with and will go above and beyond in her efforts to drive for successful outcomes."

- By Sandra Sampson -

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"We commissioned Martin for a 6 month period to help coach our teams on improving their processes, habits, productivity & to further increase sales. The latter has naturally happened as a result of his work with us, but what we didn’t realise would happen is the overall positive effect of his method of focusing on the wellbeing of those he worked with.

His ability to make people feel at ease, with his method of coaching is very effective. The questions asked and the suggestions put forward, have you really thinking about what it is that drives you as someone who is leading a business, as well as focusing you on what your motivators are to achieve your personal and business goals.

His refreshing, straight talking, acutely listening, practical approach stands him apart from many coaches within the business community. His genuine interest in people is clear to see, never afraid to ask the questions that most avoid, whilst also offering a safe space and moments for us to pause and really focus on what’s important to us as individuals.

We would highly recommend Martin to anyone who’s looking for a trusted coach who instinctively knows how to work with his clients"

- By Print Copy Scan -

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"I have worked with Kelly on various projects and events. Kelly is always kind, caring and professional. She exudes passion and is extremely determined to exceed expectations for her clients.

She is always willing, flexible and goes the extra mile, with a smile. Totally recommend Kelly"

- By Mark Godfrey -

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"We proved real value having Martin one morning every week coaching our sales guys into better habits to make them more productive and in turn increase the level of time spent on business development activities.

Martin has also helped our guys understand how to plan and organise their day better. Another area we benefited from is call coaching, where they also now understand the 'next step' concept."

- By Coastal -

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"Kelly brings her digital expertise to my business and creates a new level of engagement with my clients, who can literally walk around our beautiful showroom from the comfort of their homes and browse the bespoke luxury bathroom collections from the creation of an immersive walk through.

I have really enjoyed working with Kelly, her energy and enthusiasm create a bespoke marketing overview, she never fails to deliver on time and always looks for ways to innovative, ways which push my business to the next level, so I would highly recommend her to anyone in business wanting to stand out from the crowd"

- By Mark Fowdon -

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"Martin's coaching has been truly transformational for our team. Through enabling honest conversations, he has been able to identify key issues within the business which needed addressing.

What was particularly effective was that along with talking through a solution he offered specific solutions and demonstrated online calendar systems which we could use in the business. We have adopted these and the result is that our productivity has increased dramatically.

It really does help to bring in an honest outsider whose intention is to help the business and Martin's experience and approach have been invaluable in assisting the growth of our agency."

- By Gloss Media -

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"I've worked with Kelly on a number of projects and always found her to be exceptionally focused, professional, kind and generally an all-around pleasure to work with.

Kelly is one of the very few people I would describe as a true entrepreneur"

- By Mark Russell -

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"I have worked in Accountancy and Finance for over 20 years, so when I decided to start up an Online Health and Fitness Business, I was completely outside of my comfort zone. Martin quickly recognised what I needed to do and guided me through the process.

Martin has a rare quality of being firm yet kind and simply getting the job done. I felt instantly at ease and he created the perfect space for me to be honest about what I needed to do to make my new business venture work.

Coaching with Over The Edge made the difference between giving up on my new business and making it a success"

- By Cath Roberts -

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"Kelly is an inspirational speaker, who tells it from the heart. She has incredible knowledge of business.

She is a great marketeer and understands the needs of her audience."

- By Nicky Dunn -

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